Friday, March 31, 2006

Imagine Cup 2005

We at UNSW are very competitive, with the number one competition being the Robocup; however the imagine cup is nothing to laugh at. So on that note the Email below was sent out to the whole student body

Hi all,
Back in 2004 we had several students in the top 100 of the world list, and one who was the first ever to get 100% on the first round.

It would be great to see us do well again this year.


>Hi Brad,
>We have launched our new student competition Imagine Cup 2006. There
>are some great prizes for both students and faculty.
>Information regarding the Australian Imagine Cup finals are here
>Please let your faculty and students know about the competition. It
>would be great to see some winning entries from the UNSW!
>The prizes are:
>The top three groups will compete at the Australian Finals in Sydney
>for the following prizes.
>1st place winning team
>Represent Australia at the international final of the Imagine Cup
>2006 Software Design invitational
>Return economy scheduled flights
>Return transfers
>Hotel accommodation for 6 nights
>Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the venue for the Imagine Cup 2006
>Software Design Final The Academic Mentor will receive AUD$2000
>2nd place winning team
>Xbox 360 Gaming Pack valued at $649 and The Academic Mentor will
>receive AUD$1000
>3rd place winning team
>A copy of Microsoft Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system at Launch
>The Academic Mentor will receive AUD$500
>Thanks, Deeps.


hopefully we(UNSW) can have such a great result again

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hi, my name is a Alex and I am the new MSSA at UNSW.

Im currently a third year at UNSW and doing software/biomedical engineering, still a long stretch of uni ahead of me. Ive been a programmer for a while, starting my "career" with the exciting adventures of future basic(basic on Mac) since that time ive grown to hate basic and im not the biggest fan of macs!

I received my VS .Net launch kit today and im amazed what Microsoft is willing to give away to students, and all the things that have been prepared for .Net 2.0 product launch. My only concern is that ive never done something like this before so im hoping to get some help on my first product launch/MSSA event.