Thursday, April 06, 2006

I have began conversing with some of the student societies about the events that they are holding. This at this point involves SESOC, COMPSOC and CSE revue. Currently Sesoc and Compsoc are just hosting some smaller events and their requests for prizes is really nothing too big to deal with however CSE revue brings a bit of a problem.

Just a little background on them they are the biggest society in CSE and they have from the very beginning received considerable sponsorship from Microsoft. The amounts that they are talking about is a bit out of the range of give aways that I am allowed to authorize, so I helping them with ideas about a proposal to Bernard and anyone else at MS who needs to be involved in this.

Currently I have them thinking about getting the development that is required for the show to be moved to a .Net 2.0 platform, in C# or C++. The main benefit of this is that it will get the some of the best students in CSE involved in some pretty complex .Net development and also to start the conversion to .Net for all future projects. The long term aim would be to migrate everything that is currently built to .Net but this would require considerable support and "hand holding".

The best case option would be the development of .Net student community

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