Monday, October 27, 2008

Worldwide Telescope

Hubble searches for dark matter Microsoft research released the worldwide telescope recently and this is a program that really make me say WOW, in a similar way as when I saw Google maps for the first time.

This program in its essence is similar to many of maps programs out there where you can find an image of the world and then zoom in till you get to a house level. So for me it is surprising after Google was first over the line with Google Maps and Google Mars, Microsoft releases the Worldwide Telescope.


The program lets us explore space and the universe in a way that static images that we see in books or find on the internet just cannot compare with. There are also guided ‘tour’ of the universe for those of us that do not have a degree in astronomy.

We can also explore other planets including Earth during the day or night, the night sky as we can see it from telescopes, and also  images from probes that have left Earth, including the Mars Landers.

You can download the program – here

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