Friday, November 03, 2006

Post Ready summit

Well now that the presentation of vista and office 2007 is ready we have a couple of exciting things "available" on the market, well available soon. I urge all of you who haven't had a chance to look at these products to at least grab a copy of office and have a play around.

With these two new products there will be a big change in MS products, while the cooperate world will now have a new office format, sharepoint, etc. This for us as students and future IT employees we will need to know these products.

The summit itself presented a huge mirage of technologies that show an interesting new direction for Microsoft. The summit had one problem, if you were keeping up with the latest beta there were no real surprises in store. However some of the MS partners were pushing interesting new things, from seagate's new 650 gigabyte hard drive to Wacom's development tablets.

Also for those of you interested in aspect of development with MS technologies and some of the new stuff coming out, have a look at my other blog, I'm going to talk about windows workflow.

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