Friday, November 17, 2006

Vista released on MSDN

Hi every just a quick note for anyone that wants to get a copy of vista, the help desk should be getting copies of it very soon and making it available for students. If anyone has problems installing or getting their hands on a copy just contact me and ill help you how I can

PS - good luck for all of us that still have exams left


Anonymous said...

How do I get into contact with you, Alex?

My email is Could you please send me an email? Cheers.

CuseNY said...

Do you know what verision of Vista is available on MSDN AA?

Alex said...

Hi cunseny,

as of this point it should be all the different versions (home * 2 , business * 2 and ultimate), this however is from my understanding and therefore not set in stone. but when you install it make sure you have the correct product key for you version.